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We met in 1987 at California High School.  We were both getting a ride home from a mutual friend.  Though we were a tad annoyed with eachother that day, there was something intriguing about the challenge we posed to eachother.  We started "dating" for lack of a better term, since Kristi was too young to date and I didn't have a car to take her out.  As with all high school relationships, eventually ours came to an end.  A year later, I graduated and went into the Air Force while Kristi finished up high school.  In November of 1989, I looked her up while I was home for leave and invited her to a party at my sister, Jill's apartment.  She came and brought a friend and we had a great time getting to know eachother again.  At some point in the evening, her friend had to go home, though I was not ready to say goodbye just yet.  So, I jumped into her car and rode with her to drop off her friend.  Kristi kindly drove me back to my sister's so we could hang out for a few more hours before she had to go home.  I wished that I could have spent more time with her, but my leave was over and I had to return back to the base.  We lost contact and spent the next 18 years apart, going on with our lives.  About three years ago, our paths crossed again for a third time.  I figured, third time's a charm and this time I wasn't going to let her go.  I proposed in January and she said, "yes".  So here we are, writing a new chapter of a story that began some 25 years ago.

We are having a small, intimate ceremony overlooking Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe on St. Patrick's Day.  Where we will be surrounded by our immediate family, our children, and a few life-long friends. 

During the summer we plan to host a party to celebrate our marriage with all our family and friends.  The gathering will be relaxed and casual without the usual formalities of a traditional wedding reception.  Stay tuned and check back for more details for the upcoming celebration!

Many of you have seen us through the roughest times of our lives and we couldn't celebrate such a joyous occasion without you all.  We wish to extend our sincerest thanks for the support, generosity, kindness and laughter you have shared with us over the years.  We most certainly wouldn't be here without each and every one you.

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