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After some thought and hard work researching we think we have made our decision for the florist we will be using! They were the only ones that actually gave us their genuine opinion on which wedding floral packages to go with instead of pushing us towards the most expensive one. They also put into consideration that we do have a budget, which was nice. We are so happy that we have gone with them! Here is a picture of my bouquet! The boutonniere, floral arrangements and decor will all match. Let me know what you all think!

We are both off from work today to go compare florists and have a nice lunch date. We will see the different flower arrangements and options they have available. I am guessing it will be fun but very hard to choose. We'll let you all know how it goes!

We just have to express how excited we are about getting married! It has been such a wonderful journey, and now another amazing (and longer) expedition awaits us - marriage! :) Our wedding will be such a special day and with all who will be attending, it will be even more special! To add to all this excitement, we have already discussed and agreed on the goals that we both look forward to accomplishing together. First on our list is buying our own home! Yes, our very own place to call home! We promise that once we do get our new house, we will invite everyone over for a celebration! We love you guys and thank you for everything!