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We met at Little Jojos Party!

We got to know each other while everyone warned us about each other. 

We took matter into our hands on Facebook and really got to learn about one another...Then it went to texting...After that it was texting every minute...Then We were talking....

We Got to Our First date that was on Impulse... Fat Tuesdays!!!


Victor said he got tingles in his stomach while Mine did the same thing..


We made it official on 09/11/10

We moved to Orlando of 12/31/11

He proposed on Valentines Day!


He wrote a letter that stated:

From the first time we seen one another, we knew it was not to be... But eventually you got to kow me and I also got to kow you and thought what it could be?  As I heard how much you spoke deep inside, I was really stoked... You met my Family and I met yours.... The more we vibed the more we joked... Now going back to what im trying to say is...That I told you from get that Im here to stay!!! So the Question I ask from you today is??? Will you be WIFE....One Year from This DAy!!!!


I said Yes... It was 11:11pm


He is My Alladin...My Kapitan...

She is My Smoochez...

Together WE want YOU To BE Apart OF Our SPecial Day!!!