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When we met just a few years ago, we started out as two friends who enjoyed all the same things. As time went on, we realized we were more than just friends and our feelings turned into love. The great thing is we will always be best friends and we think that is the most important asset before getting married.

It's finally going to happen - we are getting married! Our wedding ceremony will be unforgettable, elegant and timeless and we can't wait to share it with all of you. Our Holy Union will take place in the church that we attend and it is absolutely beautiful. Before we know it we will become Mr. and Mrs. Gutierrez! Invitations will be sent out shortly with the details of our wedding ceremony.

We will celebrate the beginning of our new lives together with delicious food and drinks, music and dancing and of course the traditional Champagne toast. You will love the wedding cake, too! The location of our wedding reception will be at our friend's residence near the church. Invitations will be sent out shortly with the details of the reception.

First, we want to express just how thankful and blessed we feel to have such amazing friends and family like you! You all have inspired us to become the people that we are today and we thank you for that. We love you and we can't wait to share our wedding day with all of you. Thanks for visiting our Royal Caribbean Honeymoon Registry and wedding website. Don't forget to read our blog and look at our photo album!